Featured Hallowmas Vendor – Darkly Designed

Hi! I’m Debi from Darkly Designed. A self-taught seamstress using my skills in a variety of settings for over 30+ years. However the personal need to discover and learn new (and ancient) techniques is too overpowering to ignore. I’ve gained knowledge in many creative fields including prop building (using Worbla & Foam), pottery, knitting, historical skills (including antique knitting techniques, machine knitting, CSM, corset & hoop making), resin work, bead work, wire work and chain maille. I currently make cotton bags/totes, spell jars, essential oil perfumes, embroidery, fibre work and resin work. Themes range from nerdy to spooky to galactic…or the occasional ‘cute’ inspiration.


Darkly Designed will be taking part in our Hallowmas Market on Saturday, October 28th at Ground Control, 1279 Queen Street West. Visit Debi on Instagram or Facebook.