Hallowmas Featured Vendor – Sheryl Kirby Creates

Sheryl Kirby creates bold, audacious statement jewelry for someone who enjoys being noticed.

Sheryl takes inspiration from the Goth, industrial, punk, 2 Tone, Mod and rave scenes, the 2SLGBTQ+ community, disco, little kids who love rainbows, stylish old broads who don’t give a damn anymore, and the Gen Z kids who mix everything up with panache and aplomb.

Every piece is handmade and completely unique. Made from (non-latex) rubber, polymer clay, felt, and whatever else she can find, Sheryl makes one-of-a-kind pieces that are the epitome of wearable art.


Sheryl Kirby Creates will be taking part in our Hallowmas Market on Saturday, October 28th at Ground Control, 1279 Queen Street West. Be one of the first 25 people in the door to score one of our Trick or Treat Swag bags and get yourself a coupon for $10 off your purchase at Sheryl’s table.

Check her out on the web or Instagram.