Hallowmas Featured Vendor – Preterthings

My name is Vince, or Preterthings, I’m an animation student who likes painting animal skulls and dressing up like a clown. The name Preterthings comes from the word “preternatural”- meaning “beyond what is normal or natural”.

Most of my work revolves around the fascination for creepy dead things, as well as oddities, decomposition, cryptids, demons, reincarnation and things of that nature. My obsession for skulls in particular grew this summer when I had the opportunity to paint the majority of bones in my hoard.

Aside from skull painting I also enjoy stippling demons; the repetitiveness of drawing dots is like meditating and I think it did a lot for me. I still do it sitting in classes and stuff because I feel like it makes me listen better.


Preterthings will be taking part in our Hallowmas Market on Saturday, October 28th at Ground Control, 1279 Queen Street West. Visit Vince on the web (not phone compatible), or on  Instagram.