Vampire Vintage & Variety Market Vendor Application

Toronto Dark Arts Market – Vampire Vintage & Variety Market
Date: Saturday, July 27th, 2024
Open to the public: 11am – 5pm (free admission)
Location: Ground Control, 1279 Queen Street West, Toronto

Application deadline: June 17th, 2024
Vendor notification: June 19th, 2024

This market is open to both vintage/thrift/collectible sellers and artisans.

Your application must include a link to at least one place (website, social media or Etsy shop — more is better) where we can see current examples of the work you would be bringing with you. Please ensure that these accounts are not set to private, that they actually show samples of what you typically sell, and that the products shown are reflective of the types of items you would be selling if you are accepted. If possible, we’d also like to see an image of a previous market set-up.

Applications that do not include links to samples of your current merchandise will not be considered.

Please do not email photos to us directly. Unrequested attachments will be deleted and may affect your acceptance status.

Please make sure everything on your application is spelled correctly and that your user names are accurate! If you are accepted, information such as your business name and socials will be used to create promotional posts that link back to your accounts. We will not go searching to find you if your details are incorrect.

Reminder – this market is vintage-themed. Everyone is welcome to apply, but preference will go to vendors of vintage/thrift/collectible items first, with remaining spots offered to artisans.


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